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“Water purifier” Biochemical Analyzer Supporting Pure Water System for Hospital Laboratory


Application:Apply for HPLC、TOC、PCR、AAS、ICP、ICP-MS, gas chromatography, amino acid analysis, DNA recombinate and study, ultra trace inorganic substance analyze and organic analysis, trace inorganic substance analyze and organic analysis, etc.


water purifier products water purifier products water purifier products

I.  Model
      WP-SH-45        WP-SH-60        WP-SH-80        WP-SH-100 
II. Application
      Used as support instrument to supply the pure water for all kinds biochemical analyzer in hospital laboratory, like Hitachi, Toshiba, Abbott, Roche, beckmann, Olympus, Mindray, Dirui ect.
III. Specifications
1. Feed water:
          City tap water
           Water temperature: 1-45℃
          Water pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa
2.Product Water Delivery: 45L/H、60L/H、80L/H、100L/H (four types for choosing);
3.Flow Rate : 2.0-3.0L/min;
4. Product Water Quality: Conductivity ≤0.2μs/cm@25℃
          Particle(>0.05μm)  <1/ml    
          Bacteria <1cfu/ml
          Pyrogen <0.01Eu/ml
          TOC ≤30ppb;
5. Voltage: 220V/50Hz,Wattage: 30W-130W;
6. Dimension: 470mm*390mm*860mm (L * W * H), Weight: 45-50 kg.
IV. Features

1. SCM full automatically controlled, touch button operating system;
2. Functions with  power on self-test, water shortage protection, power-off protection, full water protection,
ultra-low voltage protection, automatic RO membrane cleaning, etc;
3. Conductivity meter always on-line monitoring the water quality and display its parameters;
4. Adjustable pressure RO mute booster pump adopted can run more than 10000 hours;
5.Built-in 30 inch WORTEL large capacity pretreatment system, which can remove the impurities and the
particulate matter effectively;
6.Built-in 30 inch WORTEL large capacity ultra-pure water system, which makes the machine a longer service
7.Equipped with 80L open type water tank to  ensure the sufficient water supply for biochemical analyzer    working
8.Equipped with pressure monitoring meter which can monitor the hydraulic pressure value at any time;
9.Independent transmission pump (outlet pressure 0.2-0.4Mpa) can meet the different feed water  pressure
demands according to different biochemical analyzer.
V. Optional components
1. Feed water pressurization system (was used when water pressure is low);
2. Automatic softeners (was used when the feed water TDS>200ppm).

All the material will be double-checked by Quality department and Production department.
The production line is controlled by engineers to ensure every details.
Every engineer will be charge of their own products always.

Every product will be finished under the cooperation of six departments.
Every product strictly tested by Quality department to reach the national standard


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